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Rachael Bloome

New York, New Year, New You : A fun, feel-good read full of heart, hope & humor

New York, New Year, New You : A fun, feel-good read full of heart, hope & humor

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Happily ever after comes at a price. Deciding if you can afford it is the tricky part…

I used to hate it when my family sat down at Christmas and discussed how they’d achieved their yearly goals. Mostly because my nickname was Quincy “The Quitter," and I never had much to share.

So, I did what any woefully unfulfilled woman would do. I left Los Angeles and moved to New York to start checking items off my bucket list.

The funny part is that somewhere between cooking classes and marathons, I found myself. Not the underachiever I thought I was, but a strong, smart professional.

I even reconnected with my childhood best friend’s older brother—who’s still swoon-worthy, by the way.

Everything was perfect.

But much like the 3rd act of any great romantic comedy, perfect was where it all fell apart.

Because now, the career I’ve worked so hard for is pulling me in the opposite direction of the found family I love. No matter what I choose, someone will end up broken-hearted.

Anyone willing to bet that someone will be me?
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